Company Overview

Founded in 1956, Daesang Corporation has become one of the largest fermentation businesses in the world and the leading consumer food producer in Korea with annual sales revenue of 2 billion dollar’s. Daesang employs nearly 3,000 people and maintains 25 subsidiaries around the globe.

Daesang opened a new chapter of biotechnology in Korea by developing Glutamine Acid via fermentation in 1962, and then developed about twenty different amino acids and nucleic acids (IMP, GMP, I + G) including MSG, L-Phenylalanime, L=Glutamine, L-Arginine, Shikimic Acid, and Chlorella, Daesang is renowned as a worldwide leader in the bio-fermentation industry as it sustains its competitive edge in the global market. Based on its proprietary technologies accumulated for a half century. Daesang continues to invest in R&D for value-added amino acids and other fermented products.

Daesang’s flagship food brand CHUNGJUNGONE encompasses a variety of foods such as hot pepper paste, soybean paste, soy sauce, processed meats, frozen foods, western seasonings, agricultural products, seafood, and more. By adding nothing but devotion to nature, CHUNGJUNGONE contributes to making food culture richer and healthier.

Daesang maximizes synergistic effects by introducing family brands such as WelLife for dietary supplements, Rosebud for Espresso Coffee, O’Food for organic foods, CookJoy for ready-to-eat foods, HiPork for high quality frozen pork and more.

As a leading corn wet miller in Korea, Daesang produces various Cornstarches used in processed foods and confectioneries, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Oligosaccharide used in beverages, and other corn based ingredients. Daesang’s cutting edge technology has been applied to the development of environmentally friendly products and succeeded in producing biodegradable plastics from cornstarch.