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  • Aspartame

    Aspartame of Daesang Corporation is being produced through its production system that maintains safety based on the advanced sanitation and quality management system (ISO 9002 & cGMP).


    • High Intensity Sweetness
      It has about 200 times higher sweetness compared to sugar
    • Taste Similar to Sugar
      Unlike other high intensity sweeteners such as saccharin and stevioside, it has a clean taste without any bitter aftertaste and has the most similar sweetness quality among high intensity sweeteners
    • Low-calorie & the Same Metabolism as Protein
      Although 4kcal/g is produced as it becomes dissolved, digested and absorbed


    • Beverages
      (carbonated, fruit juice, powder…)
    • Dairy Products
      (milk beverage, concentrated fermented mik…)
    • Confectionery Assorts
      (gum, snack, chocolate, candy…)
    • Seasoning
      (soups, pickle…)

    Specification of Aspartame

    Test Items Specifications
    Assay(%) 98%~102%
    Loss on drying(%) Not more than 4.5%
    pH 4.5~6.0
    Diketopiperazine(DKP) Not more than 1.5%%