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  • MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)
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  • Natural Flavor Enhancers
  • DHA-rich Dried call and DHA-rich Oil from Microalgae
  • MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

    Miwon brand of MSG is one of the most recognized flavor enhancers in the world. MSG is an amino acid that naturally exists in various unprocessed foods such as corn and grain, cheese, rice, milk, meat, sea tangle, and human breast milk. Our bodies contain MSG in muscle and brain. Daesang manufactures Miwon MSG with state of the art fermentation technologies accumulated over fifty years of experience. When MSG is mixed with other nucleotides, the superior flavor enhancement synergy can lead to great cost savings for food processors.


    • Flavor enhancement and modifying effects
      MSG itself does not impart any taste itself. Instead, it enhances flavors of foods, suppresses undesirable odors, and reduces excessive sour or salty flavor notes.
    • Stability & Shelf-life
      MSG continues to be used in almost every processed food and its stability is confirmed over a long history of use. As the product itself is stable, it provides a long shelf-life.

    Manufacturing Process

    • Glutamic Acid is produced from a fermentation procedure in which raw sugar cane is mixed with various micro-nutrients that facilitate growth of microorganisms. MSG is derived from glutamic acid that is crystallized and dried after purification from the fermentation media. The process for manufacturing MSG is identical to many other traditional fermentation methods.